How To  hang a gallery wall

For under $100. 

Let me show you how I made this easy gallery wall in my foyer for under $100...

Supplies Needed:

– 9 11x14 frames with 5x7 opening – 9 5x7 prints – measuring tape – nails  – hammer – pencil

Measure your wall to calculate how you will need to space your frames. 

step 1

Get your frames ready to hang by placing mat and photos inside the frames.  To keep print costs down, I printed my photos from Shutterstock for just 99 cents. 

step 2

Use the following to calculate your nail spacing... 1/2 width of frame (plus) desired spacing between frames (plus ) 1/2 width of frame. 

step 3

Once you have marked nail spacing on the walls, hammer nails into their proper place and then place your frames on the nails. Voila!

step 4

for the full tutorial and links to the products used, visit or swipe below!