DIY floating wood shelving

Easy and cheap to build!

Needing stylish storage for your kitchen, pantry or bedroom ? See how I built these floating wood shelves on the cheap!

Supplies Needed:

– 1×2 to length – kreg pocket hole jig and screws – miter box or miter saw  – 1/4 inch plywood – 18 GA brad nails – nail gun and compressor – 2 1/2” wood screws

Cut 2×4’s to desired size for length, height, and depth using miter saw. Then Locate studs and attach 1×2’s to studs with 2 1/2 wood screws.

step 1

Attach front 1×2 to side 1×2 with brads. Install center 1×2 to rear 1×2 with pocket screws. Then attach center 1×2 to the front 1×2 with brads. Finally, attach 1/2 plywood to frame with brads.

step 2

Attach front plate to front 1×2 with brads.  Repeat process for each shelf.

step 3

for the detailed tutorial  visit : or swipe below!