diy Faux hedge Wall

for patio privacy or eyesores!

Wanna see how I transformed this lackluster wall on the back of my home's exterior?

Supplies Needed:

– screw driver (if mounting to wall) – screws  - zip ties (if mounting to fence) – faux boxwood tiles

*Below, I have included an affiliate link to the exact tiles I used.*

 Determine the dimensions of your live wall. Or, if you are covering a chain-link fence, measure your fence and order accordingly. For my large wall, I ordered 2 boxes. 

step 1

Begin simply clicking the tiles  together using the snap mechanism included on the perimeters of each individual tile.

step 2

Once you built your desired shape wall, you will be either screwing them to a wall or using zip ties to mount to a fence or railing. 

step 3

 As for the back of my house, using a screw driver and screws, my husband mounted the entire wall to the vinyl siding.

step 4

for the full tutorial, visit or swipe below!