Easy DIY Double Dog Crate Tutorial

Today, I am sharing step-by-step instructions for how to build a wooden double dog crate to look like a stylish piece of furniture...

Here in my laundry room, bulky wire kennels were taking up too much room in an already small space. By building an  integrated dog crate, the room now looks so much better. Let me show you how...

– ¾ plywood – Circular saw  – Hardware cloth – Router with straight bit – Wire Snips

Materials Needed:

Using ¾ inch stock (I used veneered plywood), mark measurements for desired dimensions.

Step 1

Using a circular saw paired with a plywood blade and the Kreg Accu-Cut, cut plywood to dimensions. Do this for the doors and the frame of the crate.

Step 2

Using a straight bit, use the router to cut out the center section of the doors that will have the hardware cloth in place for the doggies’ viewing pleasure.

Step 3

Attach the hardware cloth to your kennel doors using a heavy-duty staple gun. Using wire snips, cut the mesh to the desired dimensions.

Step 4

Using the Kreg Concealed Hinge Jig, drill the holes for the concealed hinges. Then install the hinges.

Step 5

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