Easy DIY Bathroom Vanity Cabinet Painting Tutorial

When your bathroom is dated, but you don’t have the budget for entirely new tile or countertops, painting your vanity cabinets is a really freakin’ great place to start.

I know to some this may seem like an intimidating endeavor, but with all of the advances in cabinet paint technology within just the last five years, this project is really no longer as daunting as it may seem.

- sanding block - paint brush - foam roller - paint tray - oil-based primer

Materials Needed:

Using your screwdriver, remove cabinet doors from vanity frame along with the cabinet hardware.

Step 1

Because I used a paint that can be applied over virtually any sort of pre-existing finish, I only used a 100-150 grit sanding block to lightly scuff up the entire surface of the cabinets. You don’t have to entirely strip the finish- just dull the “shine”.

Step 2

If you are using a lighter color paint on a wood vanity or wood cabinets, you will need to apply a coat of oil-based primer/stain blocker to make sure no wood or stain bleeds thru your new paint finish.

Step 3

Once your primer has dried, using a quality paint brush (it truly makes all the difference), begin cutting in the details of your cabinets with paint.

Step 4

Once you have cut in your details and smaller surface areas with a brush, use your foam roller to apply paint to the entire surface of your cabinets and/or drawers.

Step 5

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