DIY AC Unit cover Fence

with garbage can storage

Tools Needed:

– Miter saw – Tape measure – Clamps – Level – Nail gun or driver


Supplies Needed:

– 1x boards – 2×4 boards – 4×4 posts – Quick set concrete – Post anchors  – Nails or screws (outdoor rated)

Install 4×4 pressure treated post. If installing on concrete, use a post anchor and follow anchor directions. If installing in soil, use a fast set concrete mix and follow directions on bag.

step 1

Cut horizontal boards to length. To add interest to the design of the boards, I used 1×4 and 1×6 pressure treated boards.

step 2

Attach boards to post using either nails or screws. I used one of the boards as a spacer to make sure the spacing was consistent.

step 3

For a more finished look, cut vertical cap boards to length. In the picture below, you can see how we were in the process of this.

step 4

Wait a few weeks for lumber to dry, and apply stain.

step 5

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