diy wood countertops

for under $50

Wanna see how I built countertops for these cabinets from scratch- all for under $50?



Supplies Needed:

– pine board – wood glue – pocket hole jig and screws – brad nailer and nails – stain of choice and top coat (waterproof protectant)

Determine desired dimensions of your countertops. My depth was 18.5 so  two 1×10’s. I had to “rip” 2.5” off one of the 1×10’s

step 1

Connect boards with wood glue and pocket hole jig and screws. I also clamped the boards together to minimize gaps at center seam. Once glue has dried, cut board to desired length. 

step 2

Anchor top to framework with 18 gauge brad nails or your choice of screws

step 3

Stain your countertop with desired color. Once stain has dried, apply two coats of a waterproof top coat to protect your new wood countertops.

step 4

for the details of prodcuts used and  full tutorial, visit or swipe below!