diy wireless wall light hack

How to make any light wireless (and functional) in 3 simple steps!

Want to see how I made this hardwired light sconce wireless and battery powered?

Using a battery powered puck light , I was able to convert these hardwired sconce lights to completely wireless functionality. Here is how I did it…

So that the battery-powered puck light had a level surface to mount to on the sconce, I removed the existing LED bulb plate and hard wiring with pliers.

step 1

Using gorilla tape strips, I mounted the battery-powered puck light to the sconce. 

step 2

Using the included remote, turn on the light and and dim as needed. Tip: So that the batteries don’t die prematurely, I set a timer on the lights when in use.

step 3

If you are working with a E26/E27 bulb base light, you can simply cut off your wires and screw a rechargeable light bulb for full functionality.

step 4

To see the  full  DIY tutorial, along with the products used  visit : or swipe below!