diy sliding  barn doors

to replace bi-fold closet doors!

Wanna see how I replaced my boring bifold closet doors with custom barn doors for $100?


Tools Needed:

–  Kreg Pocket Hole Jig – 16 Gauge Nailer – 12 Volt drill/driver – Miter Saw – Table Saw – Trigger or Clutch Clamps

Materials Needed:

– 2×6 – 1×5 – 1/4” MDF – 1/2” and 1/4” Square Dowels – Kreg Pocket Hole Plugs – wood filler – Sliding Barn Door Track Kit

Cut stiles and rails (aka the frame of the door) to desired dimensions. Attach rails to stiles using pocket hole jig.

step 1

Attach square dowel (1/2”) to inside perimeter edge using 18ga or 16ga nailer. Clamp the dowel in place then nail it.

step 2

Cut MDF panel to fit inside dimensions with table saw. Make sure seams of the panels are located so the two middle rails of door frame will hide the seam.

step 3

The attached square dowels will provide an edge for the panel to rest on. Then, attach mdf panel to ½ dowel using wood glue.

step 4

Measure out correct spacing and attach two middle rails (I used 1×5’s) using pocket hole jig. 1X lumber is necessary to make sure the rail sits flush with the stile.

step 5

Use pocket hole plugs and wood glue to cover the exposed holes in two middle rails. If the plug protrudes from the pocket hole, use an oscillating saw to cut flush.

step 6

for the full tutorial, visit or swipe below!