diy molding accent wall 

for under $70

Wanna see how I transformed this lackluster wall in my vaulted foyer for under $70?

Supplies Needed:

– 1×2’s (enough for your unique project) – 16ga nail gun & nails – wood glue – level – miter saw – tape measure – pencil – caulk – stud finder

 Mark stud locations in wall. This will allow you to know where all your horizontal pieces will anchor to. Lay out your design and mark with a pencil. 

step 1

Cut all pieces to desired lengths. If you have an angled ceiling line to follow, simply hold the molding flush with the ceiling and mark a vertical line using a level. 

step 2

Attach horizontal boards using a 16 gauge nail gun making sure to line up with the stud markings from step 1.

step 3

 Using a quick set wood glue, apply to ends of vertical boards and set in place. The glue will hold boards once glue has set.

step 4

If you want a double layer design as we have, repeat all steps.

step 5

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