DIY cone Pendant lights

 Super simple to make and only cost $50!

Wanna see how  I made these affordable cone pendant light fixtures in under 30 minutes?

Supplies Needed:

– cone lampshades  – pendant light kit  – lamp couplings

Unbox your pendant light kit.  This is what you will be attaching your cone lamp shades to. 

step 1

Slide female coupler over light cord.

step 2

Now, screw coupler onto threaded stem and slide the threaded extension/male coupler, which comes with light kit, over the cord.

step 3

Slide the lampshade over the cord.

step 4

Slide rod/rods  over cord and screw onto exposed threads. You are now ready to install your new light fixture!

step 4

for the full tutorial and links to the products used, visit or swipe below!