diy Large canvas art

for less than $50

Supplies Needed:

– 1”x2” Wood Strips  – circular saw – number 6, 1.5” wood screw – Heavy Duty Staple Gun – staples – Wall Tapestry

Once you have cut your wood strips to desired art dimension, build outside frame work. Once outside is formed, add horizontal supports. 

step 1

Lay  wall tapestry out on flat surface (face down). Make sure your frame is centered on wall tapestry. Fold opposing edges over frame work and begin stapling the fabric.

step 2

Be sure to stretch fabric as tight as possible to avoid wrinkles. Repeat for all sides.

step 3

Now flip your canvas over and make sure everything is secure, and stapled tight. If you have extra slack on the back like I did, you can cut it with scissors.

step 4

for the full tutorial, visit or swipe below!