DIY Outdoor  Dining table

for under $80

Supplies Needed:

– 7 2x6x8s – 2 6x6x8s – Pocket hole screws  – 3” and 3.5” deck screws

Tools Needed:

– Drill/driver (12 or 20 volt) – Pocket hole jig – Miter saw – Hole saw (1.75”) (for umbrella hole)

Cut 2x lumber for frame to desired width and length and attach frame lumber using 3” deck screws.

step 1

Cut top slats to desired length and drill pocket holes using jig at the ends of top slats.

step 2

Attach top slats using pocket hole screws and utilizing spacers between slats to give proper spacing.

step 3

Cut legs to desired height. Clamp legs in place and attach using 3.5” deck screws.

step 4

Sand, stain and add an umbrella hole with hole saw if desired.

step 5

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