DIY No-Sew Wall Tapestry hanging

 For under $10!

Wanna see how  I made a no-sew wall tapestry out of this cheap table runner?


For under $15 and 20 minutes of my time, I was able to make this stylish boho wall art!


Supplies Needed:

table runner – dowel rod  – measuring tape – hot glue gun with glue sticks – Twine/Jute String – scissors – Miter Saw – half a yard of fringe trim 

Measure table runner width so that you know what width to cut your dowel rod down to with the saw. 

step 1

Once you have cut your dowel rod, flip table runner over dowel and hot glue the overlapping fabric to the back of the table runner fabric. This is how the dowel rod will stay in place.

step 2

Once fabric is secured to dowel, you can tie jute rope at either ends of the rod. 

step 3

For extra boho flair, you can attach fringe border to bottom of the fabric using hot glue. Cut excess border off if needed. 

step 4

for the full tutorial and links to the products used, visit or swipe below!