DIY Neutral fall wreath

Super easy to make!

Materials Needed:

– 3 White Pumpkin Picks  – 3 Pine Cone Picks  – 1 Roll Ribbon of choice.  – Floral Wire – Plain Wreath

To give the wreaths a fuller, more realistic appearance, I first hot-glued some real magnolia leaves into the wreath. Depending on the wreath you are working with, this step is optional.

step 1

With a wire already attached to the pumpkin, all I had to do was wrap the pumpkins onto the frame of the wreath. If you need some extra reinforcement, you could always use green floral wire

step 2

To add more texture and dimension to the wreath, I added 3 pine cone bundle picks (using the same method as I did for the pumpkin picks).

step 3

Using your ribbon of choice, tie a bow.  Then,  to secure your bow onto the wreath (or the wreath hanger as I did), use floral wire.

step 4

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