DIY bench with storage

Great for a kitchen or breakfast nook!

Needing extra storage and seating in your kitchen or breakfast nook? See how I built this multipurpose bench...

Supplies Needed:

– 2×4 calculated length, width, and height – ¼ MDF board  for sides – ¾ MDF board calculated for sitting area  – Piano hinges – 4 Casters (optional) – 3” construction screws – Wood glue

Cut 2×4’s to desired size for length, height, and depth using miter saw.

step 1

Build bottom frame by joining length boards to depth boards using 3” construction screws.

step 2

Attach vertical supports to bottom frame by using Kreg pocket hole jig.

step 3

Build top frame in same manner as bottom frame.

step 4

Connect top frame to vertical supports using Kreg pocket hole jig. We messed up, and put casters on too soon as pictured . It is best to do the casters later. 

step 5

Once you have cut ¼ MDF board to proper dimensions for face board, side boards, and back board, attach MDF to frame with wood glue and clamps.

step 6

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