diy kitchen cabinets

On the cheap!

Tools Needed:

– Level – miter saw – table saw – clamps

Materials Needed:

– 2×3 s – 3 1/2” construction screws – trim head screws – poplar face boards (3/4'' and 1/4'') – wood glue

Once you have determined desired cabinet frame and door dimensions, to build shaker doors, begin by cutting stiles to length (height of door).

step 1

Cut rails to length (width). To calculate, determine width then subtract for width of stiles. For reference, here is a labeled photo... 

step 2

Cut grooves into stiles using a table saw. Mark center of stile and offset fence of table saw so the saw blade sits to one side of center mark. Next Measure height of saw blade to be ½ inch. Repeat for rails.

step 3

Cut shoulders into the rails. You will move the rail through the table saw with it being perpendicular to the fence.

step 4

Cut cabinet door face panel to proper dimensions. Note: The 1/4'' poplar is for this purpose while the 3/4'' boards are for stiles and rails,

step 4

Test fit all pieces. After any corrections are made, use wood glue to secure the doors together. Apply glue to grooves and clamp doors (I use Bessey clamps) until glue has set.

step 4

To see how to build the cabinet frame and get the  full  door tutorial,  visit or swipe below!