diy kitchen cabinets

for less than $250

Tools Needed:

– Level – circular saw – table saw – driver

Materials Needed:

– 2×3 s – 3 1/2” construction screws – level – face boards  – trim head screws

Attach 2×3 (horizontally) to height measurement of cabinet dimensions.  Attach second 2×3 to perpendicular wall using same technique.

step 1

Build bottom section same as top.

step 2

Attach front 2×3 to top and bottom using same construction screws using toenail method.Attach vertical 2×3’s to corners and center of front boards. Follow diagram below

step 3

Attach face boards using trim head screws

step 4

To see how to build the cabinet doors and get the  full tutorial,  visit or swipe below!