diy kitchen cabinet doors

for less than $120

Materials Needed:

– Sanded Birch Plywood 3/4” thickness – square dowel rods (we used 1/2” size)

Tools Needed:

–Circular saw with plywood blade – Kreg accu-cut system – Nail gun  – T-Square for marking cut lines.

Determine desired size of cabinet door. Using a 4×8 sheet of veneered plywood, measure and mark your lines for one door.

step 1

 Using a circular saw with a blade designed for plywood (very important!) and the Kreg accu-cut system, cut your doors accordingly.

step 2

Once plywood cuts have been made for door faces, measure the perimeter of your cabinet doors to determine dimensions for your shakers. 

step 3

Cut dowels using a miter box or miter saw and then attach to cabinet doors using wood glue or brad nailer (we used brad nailer as glue method was taking very long to dry).

step 4

Once shakers have been attached, you can prime , paint and hang your cabinet doors to the cabinetry framing,

step 4

To see how to install the cabinet hinges and get the  full tutorial,  visit or swipe below!