diy bathroom vanity

great for small spaces!

Tools Needed:

– 18 gauge brad nailer and brads – compressor – jigsaw – circular saw with plywood blade – orbital sander – level – 1” spade bit

Materials Needed:

– 2×3’s as needed (we used 4) – 3” wood screws – Birchwood veneer plywood – oil-based wood protectant – stain

Locate studs as you will be anchoring the framing to. Using 2×3’s and 3” wood screws, build the frame and anchor to studs. Make sure to level.

step 1

Once you've cut plywood to desired dimensions, anchor the top  and face using 18GA nailer and brads. 

step 2

 To install sink, mark areas where supply lines and drain will extend through top.  Drill 1 inch hole in two areas. Use jigsaw to cut larger holes for supply lines and drain.

step 3

Sand plywood, clean surface and stain as desired. Once stain has dried, apply multiple layers of water-proof top coat wood sealant.

step 4

To see how to build the bottom shelf and get the  full tutorial,  visit or swipe below!