DIY Fireplace update

My easy red brick fireplace makeover!

Want to see how I updated my ugly red brick fireplace in a few simple steps?



Let me show you how...



Paint is always the best bang for your buck. So...I primed and painted over the 1980's brick using a special masonry paint.  Below is a painting progress photo...

step 1

To add some rustic warmth to all of the white going on in my living room, I built a DIY wood beam mantel. This gave the space a modern farmhouse vibe...

step 2

Because the brass fireplace surround screamed 1986, I decided to entirely remove it from the fireplace. I could have spray painted it as well. 

Step 3

To create a captivating focal point, I mounted my TV to the brick and hid the wires. I then was able to display art on my smart TV (without having to buy an expensive frame television, 

Step 4

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