diy Black Countertops

for less than $150

Tools Needed:

– Table or Circular saw  –  I used a circular saw with the Kreg Accu-cut track system.  - drill.

Materials Needed:

– plywood – 1.25” Wood screws – stain  – protective wood sealant

Determine desired thickness, length and depth of countertop. Once you have determined dimensions, cut your plywood.

step 1

For a standard countertop thickness of 1.5'' we stacked 2 sheets of 3/4'' ripped plywood together and connected them with screws.

step 2

You can chose to anchor the top to the framework with L brackets attached to the underside of the top and the framework.

step 3

Now stain your countertops black. Once the stain had dried for 24-48 hours, apply a top coat sealant like Polycrylic.

step 4

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