diy bench with cubbies

for less than $115

Tools Needed:

– Level – Miter or circular saw – Reciprocating saw – Table saw – Driver or impact driver

Materials Needed:

– ¾ MDF sheets – ½ MDF sheets – 2×4’s – #10 4 to 5” Wood or lag screws – #8 2.75” wood screws

Once you have determined dimensions of the bench, build frame work. The frame work will consist of the ledger (part that attaches to the studs of the wall), the sitting area, and the legs.

step 1

Cut the ledger (2×4) to desired length of bench with miter or circular saw. Locate and mark studs in the wall that the ledger will attach to. Attach with #10 or lag screws into wall studs

step 2

Determine depth of bench. Cut joists. Attach joists to ledger with 2.75” #10 wood screws using the toe nail method. Space joists 16”on center.

step 3

Determine spacing of cubbies. Cut legs a few inches longer than the top edge of the header.Attach legs with 2.75 #10 screws.

step 4

Cut and attach mdf face boards to frame work.

step 4

To see  the full bench tutorial,  visit or swipe below!