diy tub skirt for $25 

simple and budget-friendly

Wanna see how I transformed this lackluster tub skirt in my bathroom?

Supplies Needed:

– 1/4” MDF board – Wood screws – Wood Glue – Driver – Table saw – Reciprocating saw – Painter’s Project Caulk – Primer  – Paint 

Demo original step and Jacuzzi side panel. Using a reciprocating saw, cut wood framework of step out in sections. Remove side of tub by removing screws first. You will need to cut away all caulk around the border.

step 1

Attach two sections of MDF to tub framework using wood screws making sure to locate them where the border sections will cover the screw heads.

step 2

Using a table saw, cut MDF trim pieces into four equal sections for the upper and lower horizontal boarder. Attach with wood glue. 

step 3

Once wood glue has dried, caulk any visible gaps. Then prime and paint your new tub panel. 

step 4

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