diy Bifold Closet Door makeover 

simple and budget-friendly

Wanna see how I transformed these boring closet doors?

Supplies Needed:

– Ply Cap trim pieces – Miter Box – 18 gauge brad nailer nail gun

First plot out your molding design. To do this, we used a pencil and some painter’s tape.

step 1

Once you know the dimensions of your molding design, you can begin cutting the pieces of ply cap trim with a miter box. Cut molding to desired lengths using 45 degree cuts at the ends.

step 2

Using an 18 gauge brad nailer, attach the moldings to the doors.

step 3

 Repeat steps for each door panel.

step 4

For a finished look, you will want to caulk around the molding where needed. One caulked, you can paint your door and and modern hardware!

step 5

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