Best Minimal Christmas tree ideas

Stylish, minimalist Christmas tree decorating...

With the holiday season upon us, it's time to think about Christmas decor! Today, I'm sharing some minimal Christmas tree ideas...

Instead of layering on a multitude of various shaped ornaments, garland and ribbon, last year, I went the minimalist route on my flocked tree- sticking to very simple ornaments.

Flocked Minimalist Tree-

You would think a tree with no Christmas ornaments would come off as looking a bit too minimalist, but Jaci Hodge’s chic minimal tree proves otherwise.

Christmas Tree with Only Lights-

When you envision a sparse tree in your mind, I would almost bet that your imagination doesn’t instantly conjure up such beautiful imagery as this Christmas tree by For the Home.

Sparse But Stunning –

Reflecting back on all of the Christmas trees I have decorated in the past, one of my very favorite looks was this simple, Scandi-inspired tree .

Scandinavian Inspired Tree-

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