5 Ways to Arrange a Living Room with 2 Sofas

When the couches are different colors or styles...

If you have two different kinds of sofas and aren't sure how to arrange them in your living room, this post is for you...

WIth one of my sofas brown leather and the other linen, I created an L-layout with them and placed an end table at the corner. 

 L-Shaped Arrangement and a Side Table-

While you often only see two identical sofas facing one another, you can still re-create this formal living room layout by Chris Loves Julia using different-colored couches.

Couches Facing Opposite Each Other-

This stunning sofa arrangement, configured by The Lifestyled Co., is great for cozying up a massively large living room and/or open floor plan.

Sectional Paired with a Different Style Sofa-

If you want to create a cozy conversation area with your furniture layout, a U-shape arrangement is a great option when working with two sofas. (Image: Bigger Than the Three of Us)

U-Shape Layout with Sofas and Chairs-

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