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The Easiest Turquoise Abstract Art Ever – DIY

The Easiest Turquoise Abstract Art Ever – DIY

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So,  I think I just continue to out-do myself in terms of easiest DIY projects ever. Remember how I said my Ikea Hack Curtains and DIY Chalkboard were the easiest projects ever? Well….I think this turquoise abstract art beats both of those on the easy, half-a$$ scale.

easy abstract art diy

Here is my framed, DIY art.  I will reveal the painstckingly complex process I went thru to produce such a work of art ( sarcasm obviously).

And as I am writing this tutorial I am listening to David Bowie, so forgive me if I come off as distracted. So sad to hear of his passing.

easy turquoise abstract art diy

So basically all you need is 8×10 canvas paper, a paint brush, turquoise paint and a matted frame.


I used a sample size of latex paint I got from target called “Devine Pond”.

diy abstract art easy

Ready to have your mind blown?

Take your paint brush, dip it in the paint and draw three horizontal lines onto your canvas paper and let dry. Voila! You are a freaking Picasso.

To give the piece some interest, I suggest not making each line the same…apply some variation to your strokes.

easy abstract art diy

Add it to a vignette or gallery wall, and there you go. I believe the key to pulling this look off is the matted frame, without the frame, I think it would probably just look like something your toddler (or cat) crafted. In my opinion, I think you could put anything in a nicely matted frame and pull it off as being art….just saying.

Hopefully this inspired some of you. Now get out there and design some good vibes!

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