diy shibori beach towel

DIY Shibori Beach Towels

By now,  I am sure many of you are well aware of my love for Shibori. In fact, many of you are probably wishing I would shut the hell up about it.  Well, I am not going to stop gushing over it just yet, because I found a cost-effective way to incorporate this boho-inspired style into your summer attire.  Let me show you how I made Shibori beach towels on a super low-budget. So I had some white, cotton bath…

diy shibori easter eggs

DIY Shibori Easter Eggs

I have just taken my shibori obsession to a whole new level, friends. I have managed to incorporate my favorite tie-dying technique onto Easter eggs. Yes, you heard me right....Easter Eggs!!!  I am going to show you how to DIY shibori  eggs. You see, my son absolutely loves to dye eggs and as soon as he caught a glimpse of the kits in the store, he begged for Easter eggs. So, I obliged (even though I knew they would be…

diy shibori wall art

DIY Shibori Wall Art in Under 5 Minutes – Lesson on Authenticity

In case you haven't noticed from my recent posts, Shibori has become my latest obsession. And I am totally letting myself indulge. You see, I recently turned the big 3-0. And with such a milestone birthday, I made a promise to myself to embrace my true being....all of the quirky elements of my character that make me me.  One of those nuances just happens to be an inner free spirit/ reformed wild child. But as I became a mother, I tried…