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Rustic, Tribal Nursery- Sneak Peek

So it seems like this rustic, tribal nursery undertaking has been the most drawn-out project ever. Between our popcorn ceiling removal fiasco (which took us about 2-3 weeks to remove all signs of texture on the ceiling), and everyone in the family coming down with some sort of sickness, it has taken us forever to complete our second son's nursery (who is due in less than two months). To say I have had a rough week would be putting it…

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My Toddler’s Coastal Nursery

In the wonderful world of blogging, there seems to be an understood code among bloggers: the week between Christmas and New Years is vastly considered a time to rest, relax and unplug. While I have greatly enjoyed my week long hiatus, I had to busy myself with something. So, I finally decided to paint my two year old's bedroom.     Here is what the room looked like when we first moved in....   The paint color was not that…