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my painted countertops 2 years later

My Painted Countertops: Two Years Later

Do any of you remember that time I painted my cultured marble countertops with epoxy paint? Well, this month marks two years that I have lived with my painted countertops and I am sure some of you are curious to see how they are holding up. Well, today is your lucky day.   For your convenience, I have included some affiliate links. That simply means if you click on one of the links and buy something, I receive a small commission,…

how to paint cultured marble countertops

How to Paint Cultured Marble Countertops

Let me tell ya'll about the time I painted the cultured marble countertops in my bathroom. You see, my bathroom countertops were a lovely, 1980's beige- almond color. I begged my husband for new countertops, but he wouldnt give in. He told me to find a temporary fix until we could afford marble or granite.  So I scoured the internet looking for a cheap way to refinish them. I came across Live Love Diy's post on how she used expoxy paint to…