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Stop and Smell the Roses…or Eat Cupcakes

Stop and Smell the Roses…or Eat Cupcakes

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Being as Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and I am a blogger, I feel a little obligated to give you all something a little festive. You see, I am not a big V-day person, nor do I really get enthusiastic about decorating with red and pink hearts and so forth….it’s just  not “my thing”.

So, in a desperate attempt to add some sort of Valentine’s flare to my home decor, I went to the florist, bought some “neutral” roses and called it a day. That was the extent of my Valentine’s decor.


I know…. if I were a more creative blogger or better mother, I suppose I could have at least constructed some sort of cute DIY gift or craft, but lately I have felt too overwhelmed for crafting. So, I thought I would do something I rarely ever do…bake!


With my second son’s due date swiftly approaching, I have been rushing to complete home improvement projects (not to mention the nursery which is still not entirely complete). Being the mother of a two-year old, I have also felt a sense of guilt over my pre-occupations with preparations for  baby number two, my blog, work and the limitations and fatigue that come along with being 32 weeks pregnant. In all honesty, this pregnancy has made me a bit evil. In an effort to feel like a better mother,  I decided to do something festive with my little man and bake some Valentine’s Day cupcakes.

Of course, we did not make them from scratch…I told you I am no Martha Stewart.


As you see, my son is reading the directions off the back of a Pillsbury box.


And given I am OCD, it took every bit of restraint I had to let me son take over, and make such a crazy mess with the batter.


You see….life gets hectic, but sometimes we have to force ourselves to just stop and smell the roses….or, when all else fails, at least eat some damn cupcakes.

Although Valentines is my least favorite holiday, thanks to my sweet baby boy,  I suppose I have found new meaning to it (other than it serving solely as a marketing ploy, provoking unrealistic expectations in regards to romance).


Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day! Now get out there and design some good vibes (and try not to get caught up in the marketing hype of V-day).

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