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DIY Shibori Wall Art in Under 5 Minutes – Lesson on Authenticity

DIY Shibori Wall Art in Under 5 Minutes – Lesson on Authenticity

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In case you haven’t noticed from my recent posts, Shibori has become my latest obsession. And I am totally letting myself indulge.

You see, I recently turned the big 3-0. And with such a milestone birthday, I made a promise to myself to embrace my true being….all of the quirky elements of my character that make me me.

 One of those nuances just happens to be an inner free spirit/ reformed wild child. But as I became a mother, I tried to bury that with perhaps a false aura of sophistication and practicality…donating my Bonnaroo t-shirts to the Goodwill, because I had some pre-conceived notion of what I should be as a mother. Well, I am throwing all of those false expectations out of the window.  I have got to be true to myself.

In the words of Isodora Duncan “You were once wild here. Don’t let them tame you.”. 

And no, that doesn’t mean I am going to give myself the freedom to be an irresponsible parent. It just means I cannot completely abandon who I once was because I am now a mother.  It is all about balance and authenticity.

The same should apply to one’s interior decor. Once ignored because I feared it lacked sophistication (and was afraid it would give my home a dorm-room effect in all of its tie-dye glory), I have come to the realization that Shibori expresses much of my essence, it makes me happy and I am going to run with it.

diy shibori wall art

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, Shibori is a Japanese  tie-dyeing technique. It has become quite the rage in boho-chic and California contemporary interiors.

Getting back from my tangent about authenticity,  I am now going to share how I created Shibori wall art in under 5 minutes. Okay… I wasn’t using a timer so I can’t say 5  minutes to be exact, but it was super easy and super fast.

DIY Shibori Wall Art

I first purchased 2 different Shibori-patterned yards of fabric from Etsy. (just use a search term “Shibori fabric by the yard”, and you will yield a huge selection to chose from). At $10/yard,   I ordered one yard of each pattern.


diy shibori wall art

Then, using some gold matted frames, 11×14 in size( I purchased from Hobby Lobby on sale for $15/frame ), I simply cut the fabric so that it fit inside the frame.

diy shibori wall art

And while the frames were both designed to be hung as portraits, to add some visual interest , I decided to alternate the orientation of the frames.

So you see, this is so easy it is kind of embarrassing.


diy shibori wall art

And with the left-over fabric,  I draped it over my oven pull – creating a hand towel.

boho chic kitchen

Hopefully this little DIY wasn’t too anti-climatic for you.

Now get out there and design some good vibes.

Much Love,


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diy shibori wall art



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