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Q & A with Jenna from Rain on a Tin Roof

Q & A with Jenna from Rain on a Tin Roof

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When I got the opportunity to have a little Q& A session with rockstar, blogger Jenna LaFevor from the mega-blog Rain on a Tin RoofI was overcome with excitement. You see, she is my blogging idol.

JennaNot only is she a mastermind at mixing various genres of decor to form a style that is truly her own, she is also a damn good storyteller. After spending only a few minutes on her blog, you will feel like you know her.

When I first visited her blog over a year ago , I quickly decided I wanted to be her friend. I  wanted to sit on a porch with her, listen to stories and DIY- all while splitting a twelve pack of cheap beer of course.

Jenna’s work has been featured in Better Homes and Gardens, Red Book and This Old House. Impressively,  she has managed to turn her blogging venture into a legitimate career, earning a full-time income doing what she loves.

While I could keep raving about how cool and accomplished this chic is, let’s get on with the Q&A.

Q. Jenna, I have noticed such an evolution in your style from the days of your new construction home to the “Vintage Modern Rustic” style of your 1970’s rancher. Going from shabby chic to bold and modern seems like a day and night transition. How did you go about finding your truly unique style?

A. It is a night and day difference! I thought the shabby chic / cottage style was what I liked – I was so wrong! I actually did love it at one point – about three houses ago when I was living in my great grandfather’s farm house – it worked perfectly there. But it never did mesh well in the beloved foreclosure – something was always off. The first time I ever spray painted a lamp Kelly green for a Kate Spade inspired blog hop, there was no turning back – I fell in love with bold hues and from there, I just started decorating with things I loved and not necessarily what I thought was supposed to look good.

Q. When I am not pregnant, I also love to drink and DIY. I know you are normally a Miller High Life girl. Is that still your go-to , or have you branched out?

A. The Champagne of Beers will always be my go-to! Everyone makes fun of me and says that its awful beer, but honestly, I really do love it – its my favorite. However, my husband can make a mean cosmo and margarita and I don’t turn those down. I’ll also put away some red wine during Shonda land on Thursdays. Wow – I really sound like an alcoholic.

Q. Ha!Ha! No, you sound like fun.  As a newbie blogger, my lack of fan base sometimes makes me second-guess my dreams. How long did it take for you to build a decent following?

A. Quite a while. There are TONS of blogs out there, so it is really hard to break through. I would say it took me a good solid 6-9 months to gain a small, decent following. I really noticed a change when I started blogging more with my own voice and about what I wanted to do rather than what I thought I should do.

rain on a tin roof

Q. How long did it take to receive your first source of income from your blog?

A. I had ads on my blog from the time I started it, however it took about five – six months to get that first $100 payout from Adsense. I do remember getting my very first sponsored post seven months in.

Q. Do you have a specific decorating or DIY process? Once inspiration strikes, what are the next steps to achieving the finished product?

A. I don’t have a specific process – I just tend to throw things together and see what works. That being said though, if I am doing an entire room, I try to come up with somewhat of a color and design palette before jumping in.

Q. I have noticed you like to mix styles and patterns. Do you find there is a certain formula or key to successfully “mixing”? How do you find balance ?

A. No formula! Literally, I throw things together and see what works and what doesn’t. I’m always surprised because usually what I thought wouldn’t work – does!

modern interior design

Q. Glad to know I am not the only one who likes to use the trial and error technique . When it comes to choosing a paint color, I am such a commitment-phobe. I am so afraid of choosing the wrong color that I often avoid painting the room altogether. Do you have a ritual for choosing paint colors? Have you ever regretted a paint color?

A. Lord, I’ve regretted SO many paint colors. Know what my favorite is though? White. Pure White. It goes with anything and colors pop off of it. I’m a huge fan of most white walled rooms with one or two bold accent walls.

Q. It seems you have nicely settled into the “Vintage Modern Rustic” genre that is so uniquely you, but do you ever get the itch to tackle a new style? If so, what would that be?

A. Shockingly, I don’t get the itch to tackle new styles. I don’t try to classify myself as one style any longer though either – my style is me – its whatever random thing I like at the moment.

modern interior design

Q. Being featured in major publications such as Better Homes and Gardens and Redbook, you have obviously achieved mass success. What is your biggest piece of advice for those, as myself, that want to make a living blogging on all things home and DIY?

A. Be yourself and own it. Write in your own voice. Find that one area where you really shine and stand out – then embrace it and use it.

Can you see now why she is my blogging rockstar? I love how she  throws all of the rules out of the window and does whatever the hell she wants. In a blogosphere full of Donna Reeds and Martha Stewarts, her rebel personality is a welcomed relief.

For those of you that have been hiding under a rock, you must go and check out Jenna’s site here. She offers interior design inspiration, DIY tutorials, blogging tips and plenty of good stories. Thanks, Jenna!

Now get out there and design some good vibes and in the words of Jenna LaFevor, “Fly your own freak flag!”

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