My Rustic Glam Christmas Tour- Part 2

December 2, 2015


Shared at Jennifer Rizzo 2015 Holiday Housewalk

Welcome to part two of my Christmas tour, ya’ll. I am thrilled to be posting in conjunction with the Very Merry Christmas Home Tour blog hop hosted by Lovely Etc. There is also a $500 Paypal giveway at the end of this tour. Make sure to enter!

Now , let me give you a big hug and and invite you in.

I am going to crank up some Dean Martin Christmas tunes and pour you a drink. All I have is champagne, wine, whiskey or water. Hope that isn’t a problem.

Now, let’s head over to the appetizers in my dining room. And if you are a newcomer, I suggest you check out the “befores” of my home. We have only been in our 1980’s rancher for eight months, but have already gotten so much accomplished with this fixer upper.

dining room-57

You can click here to see our home when we first moved in.

You see, we don’t do the traditional Christmas dinner around here. No formal dinner and no gift exchange.

dining room-60

In lieu of gifts, we each bring a nice bottle of booze to exchange. And instead of a sit-down dinner, we serve heavy hor d’oeuvres. Other than my 22 month old son (and the baby in my belly), there are no other kids in the family, so our get-together is a cocktail party of sorts. Because of my pregnancy, this year, I will have to be the party-pooper.


Around here, we believe Christmas is about quality time with close family. We wouldn’t want to distract from that by stressing over expensive gifts or elaborate meals.

dining room christmas vertical-37

And given the non-traditonal way we spend our holiday season, why would my decor be any different?  No offense, but I am just not a “red and green” type girl. It looks amazing in some folks’ homes, but it never feels right with the rest of my decor.

dining room Christmas-17

So I do my best to incorporate my year-round decor into my Christmas design……rustic with pops of magical, glowing glam. Mercury glass, shiny lights, pine cones, garland and fur are my holiday go-tos.

rustic christmas decor

Let’s move on to the kitchen…

rustic glam kitchen

I thought the metallic wreath would add some Christmas glow around my faux taxidermy.

modern christmas decor

And instead of fresh flowers in my turquoise vase, I thought pine sprigs would be more fitting for winter.

kitchen -54

One of my favorite ways to add Christmas cheer to a room is by filling glass jars and vases with ornaments. These are actually antique glass ornaments handed down to me from my mother. They can’t go on the tree, because my son thinks they are “balls”. He has already shattered a I removed them from the tree. I think they are safe here.

rustic glam modern

I can always manage to sneak a glass of wine in my scenes. I am such a Pottery Barn poser….and lord knows how old that wine is.




Moving on, let’s make ourselves comfortable in the great room.

coastal glam christmas decor

To give the space a warmer feel for the winter, I exchanged my blue and white geometric rug for a cow hide rug layered over a large jute rug.

living room christmas-4

Just to let you know, my Christmas tree is not yet complete. You are going to have to check back December 10th, when I publish my post solely focusing on the tree.

living room-79

Continuing my rustic glam theme, I chose to mix fur pillows and throws with sequin pillows. This way you get some rustic warmth along with a holiday glow through shiny metallics.

living room christmas vertical-33

To me there is nothing more depressing than taking down your Christmas tree and decor once January comes (Okay, I am being a bit dramatic… holiday weight gain may top that).

Seriously though… I like to use decor that I can keep up all winter long. This is one perk of choosing rustic-glam decor. It isn’t so “themey” that it looks out of place once January rolls around.

rustic glam christmas decor

I simply cannot afford to purchase designated “Christmas” decor only to replace it, after a month, with designated “winter” decor.

living room -43

Remember….my tree is not complete. You need to check back here December 10th!!!

living room -74

I would have loved to get a fire going for you, but because we have only been in this place for eight months, we kind of neglected fireplace maintenance and could not get a chimney sweep to come out for another 2 months. Crazy!!

living room -75

Once again, I was able to place these glass, antique ornaments on display,  in a safe place (away from my son who thinks they are “balls”).

living room christmas-14

After all of the booze you have consumed at my place, I have to sober you up with some cookies and milk- you don’t want to be “sloppy”.

kitchen -53

After we are finished with the cookies, poor Santa may not have any left.

rustic modern christmas

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas! So glad you could come over. Now go out there and design some good vibes.

Be sure to enter in the $500 giveaway below.

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    1. What a beautiful home you have!!!! I love your unique touch…it has a modern feel with a squeeze of rustic. Beautiful! Oh and so open and airy too.

    1. Such a beautiful space! I’m loving how light and bright and airy it feels. Such an amazing transformation in such a short amount of time.

    1. I just love your style! So clean, fresh and modern, but very welcoming too. Your photos are beautiful and really make your space shine! And that entry vignette is the bomb. Loving those gorgeous lamps!!

    1. Good Morning Erica, absolutely lovely, bright and serene. I’m a red/green gal, which I do love, but in contrast to your home seems loud and bold. And you did all this while making a new person?! You are one strong and powerful woman!

      Thanks for the tour, Lynn

      1. You are so sweet, Lynn. I am sure the red and green looks beautiful in your home. Wish I could pull it off…it just looks weird with the rest of my decor. Thank you so much for your kind words.
        Much Love,
        Erica-Designing Vibes

    1. Erica! Your home is so beautiful and light filled. I love it! Such a gorgeous space and it looks stunning decked out for Christmas!

    1. Your home is gorgeous!! I love the colors and the light, fresh feeling. It looks beautiful!

    1. Erica, your home is FLAWLESS! I love how bright and airy your great room is. Mine gets horrible lighting so I am extremely jealous! Your decor is so soothing and I love that you can carry it to the next season with minimal effort. That is smart designing! Gorgeous job, girl. Can’t wait to come back and see that tree!

      1. Thank you so much, Sarah. That means so much coming from you because you are an amazing decorator with a gorgeous home. Much Love!

    1. Hi Erica, You get me with your posts every week! 🙂 You have such a beautiful home, and you’ve decorated it so beautifully for Christmas. I’m so happy to have you share each week at Create • Share • Inspire. I hope to see you back tonight!

      Alicia xo

    1. What kind of couch do you have and what fabric? We are in the market for a new couch and I love this style with washable slip overs. We have four boys ages 6 and under, would you recommend what you have? Thanks! These pics are beautiful!

      1. I have the Ikea Ektorp Couches…they are slipcovered. They come in different colors, but I chose white. While the white does show stains easily, I simply take the slipcovers off and throw them in the washing machine with detergent and bleach and they are as good as new. I love having slipcovered couches. Hope this helps!

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