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Master Bedroom Refresh for 2017- Boho Chic

Master Bedroom Refresh for 2017- Boho Chic

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A new year is upon us and I have lots of projects in the works for 2017. The first major project I have in mind is a master bedroom refresh.

Our bedroom is the only room in our fixer upper that we havent painted. Too wrapped up in the chaos of other projects to be bothered by our bedroom,  I sort of just threw together some existing decor from our new construction and settled .

Here is what the bedroom looked like when we moved in.

master bedroom makeover

There really wasn’t anything unbearable about the design, so I made do with what I had from my other home.

We simply added some curtains and changed the light fixture.

However, as I have grown more into a signature aesthetic, falling more in love with boho-chic style, the room no longer feels cohesive with the rest of my home.

During my holiday home tour, I decided to replace the mirror with more modern, art work . ….

blue glam christmas decor

However, the wall color is beginning to drive me nuts. At certain times of the day, the wall color is not so bad. At other times, however, it comes off as muddy green….it makes me feel smothered. I know…I sound like a nut job for saying that, but I am truly affected by my surroundings. 

I created a general concept of the look I am going for in this moodboard. However, I do not have the privilege of starting from scratch because I am not a rich bitch.

We have to work with the existing furniture as we just bought it  3 years ago.  So, I am contending my design with a white tufted head board and mirrored furniture.

The tufted headboard and mirrored furniture are very “glam”, so I plan on giving the room boho flair through the use of textiles.

Since I cannot add warmth with wooded furniture, I plan on doing so with texture (think fur and woven baskets). This is a very monochromatic design (which I prefer for smaller spaces), but I am contemplating even making gray the primary textile color and only injecting pops of blue. This rough sketch is more me not paying attention to budget (as far as the accessories are concerned) and only regarding the reality of my current furnishings. For my own home, I typically don’t have a formal plan…I prefer to sort of wing it based on what I can find at discount decor stores.

This room from Studio McGee absolutely knocks my socks off. However, the paint color used here might feel too cool in my room as I am working with white furniture. That is why I am leaning towards a warmer gray.This weekend I plan on painting the room. I am actually about to go out and purchase paint samples and I have narrowed them down to four.

Behr- Silver Drop

Sherwin Willliams- Repose Gray

Benjamin Moore- Balboa Mist

Benjamin Moore – Gray Owl

I am hoping to find a soft, light to medium gray that feels somewhat light and fresh , but not too cold.

I think I would rather get a brazilian wax than paint another room, but I am excited for a transformation. I am ready for all of the rooms in my home to feel cohesive.

Wish me luck!

Now get out there and design some good vibes.

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erica van slyke designing vibes


Sharing is caring!

Mary-The Boondocks Blog

Saturday 28th of January 2017

Erica it seems I've missed a few of your posts. I know what you mean about color driving you crazy. I have the same problem in my living room and still haven't done anything about it. Your plan looks great, a warm grey with pops of blue because that is your signature color after all. ;)

Designing Vibes

Sunday 29th of January 2017

Thanks, sweet friend. I went with Sherwin Williams Respose Gray and I love it. I will do the big reveal this week! xoxo

Antoinette Garcia

Wednesday 18th of January 2017

I honestly cannot believe I've never stumbled across your blog; I am in AWE of your home and your eye! I've been all over your site for the past two days and can't get enough!! Everything is just stunning!!

Designing Vibes

Thursday 19th of January 2017

Antionette, that makes me so incredibly happy to hear!! Thank you so much for your sweet words. :)

Karrie Trowbridge

Wednesday 11th of January 2017

Hey girl, I love your style and intention! Gray is going to make it look amazing... Then, you'll have fun with textures and pattern via the textiles! I'm sure it's going to come together great! And, I'm so with you, painting stinks! But, it can really transform a room and it's pretty cheap.... Good luck picking the perfect shade!

Designing Vibes

Wednesday 11th of January 2017

So i think I have decided on Sherwin Williams - Repose Gray. Wish me luck! Thank you for always being so supportive, beautiful friend. :)

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