Makeup Vanity Makeover

January 17, 2016

makeup brush storage

Continuing on with my recent quest to “glam up” my home, I decided to tackle the makeup vanity in my bedroom.

When you walk into our master bedroom, there is an entryway/foyer/hall that includes a vanity and closet.
makeup vanity

Here is what it looked like when we first moved in.

Shortly after moving in, I gel-stained the vanity with General Finishes Gel Stain in the color “Java”. To see that tutorial click here.  I also replaced the hardware and faucet with more modern, chrome designs. I stored some towels and hair styling utensils in this piece and pretty much neglected it.

Here is what it looked like before I converted it to a proper makeup vanity.

grey and turquoise bedroom

Because there was already a vanity in our master bathroom, this area was not being fully utilized.  Then, as the woes of being in my third trimester of pregnancy struck ( back pain, aching feet, fatigue), I decided it would be nice to have a place to sit and “get dolled up”. There have been days where I didn’t put a stitch of makeup on, because my back was too achy and tired to stand longer than necessary.

makeup vanity-3

Ok, I may have fibbed a little…I never leave the house without lip gloss and mascara, but you get the idea.

how to style a makeup vanity

To have ample lighting while applying makeup, I purchased this light-up makeup mirror from Target.

makeup vanity

I love how it is “blinged out” with the crystal base.  To further the feel of glam I placed some fresh flowers here.

makeup vanity

I bought a glass vase at Hobby Lobby to hold all of my makeup brushes, and let me tell you… is such a timesaver.

makeup vanity

I cannot tell you how nice it is to know exactly where all of your makeup brushes are. I have wasted way too many precious moments searching for the desired brush.

vanity decor

I am also a bit of a bracelet hoarder, while I do have other jewelry organizers in my closet, I thought it would be nice to display the ones I wear on a regular basis. I purchased these gold, shell bowls from Hobby Lobby for $3 a piece. The combination of the jewelry displayed on the gold bowls also serves as a decorative element.  Don’t you just love items that are not only practical but pretty?

makeup vanity

To unify all of these smaller elements, I placed them on a tray. This gives the space a more organized, less cluttered feel.

Eventually, I would like to replace the countertops, but I am not sure that will happen in the near future. I am really pleased with how this little space now serves a purpose, and it helps make me feel a bit more glam.

makeup vanity

makeup vanity

Now get out there and design some good vibes!!


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    1. What a lovely transformation Erica! You have done so much to make that house your home. It has such a lovely personality now…clearly yours!
      I have never used gel stains before…I take it you still needed to sand the cabinet doors down to raw wood?
      Hugs and wishes for a great Thursday, Lynn

      1. Thank you so much, Lynn! Actually the beauty of the gel stain is that you only have to rough the surface up just a bit. Minimal sanding and prep. I love it!

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