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Impromtu Birthday Brunch – My Son’s Second Birthday

Impromtu Birthday Brunch – My Son’s Second Birthday

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Hope all of you had an amazing Christmas. Our long, holiday weekend not only involved travel for Christmas, we also celebrated our son’s 2nd birthday once we got back in town. In an impromptu effort,  I decided to throw a simple, brunch party with immediate family.

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About a month ago, I decided that we were not going to throw a birthday party for my son. You see, his birthday is two days after Christmas.  I know this sounds horrible, but between my progressing pregnancy (approaching the 3rd trimester) and all of the Christmas traveling and hype, I was feeling overwhelmed. The last thing I wanted to do was stress over another project/event. I told myself we would buy my sweet boy a Thomas the Tank birthday cake, give him a few gifts and call it a day. Not like he is going to remember it anyway, right?

After all, his first birthday party was way too much stimulation for him. I justified my lack of effort this year by resolving to do something “big” for him on his 3rd birthday.

easy birthday brunch

Well, we found out some of our family would be in town on his birthday, so, the day before,  I decided to throw a birthday brunch.

And please forgive the poor quality of these photos….for every 200 photos I take, I find about 2 photos I like and with company over, I only had the chance to take about 10 photos (and never got the settings right on my camera).

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I kept my efforts minimal. I bought donuts, chicken salad, rolls, and muffins from a local bakery. Then, I made super easy breakfast casserole I found on StockPiling Moms. It turned out to be delish. You can view the recipe here

bday brunch-7

I also bought a tub of prepared fresh fruit and served it with some strawberry yogurt.

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easy brunch party

And of course no brunch is complete without mimosas!

bday brunch-11

And yes…. we serve our mimosas with cheap champagne. Don’t judge!!!

bday brunch-10

Thankfully my sweet baby had fun too. He opened plenty of presents and got his beloved “Thomas” cake. Unfortunately, I was unable to capture a photo of the cake, before he stuck his fingers in it (not used to him being able to reach countertop items).

bday brunch-17

For the remainder of this year, I am going to take some time to rest and recharge. We have a lot coming up this year and I will have many more projects to share. I think next on the agenda is the nursery for my second baby boy (who is due in April). I will be posting on that within the next week or so. Stay tuned!

Wishing you all a safe and fabulous New Year!! Now get out there and design some good vibes.

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Emily@The Wicker House

Thursday 14th of January 2016

Looks like fun! I always love seeing what lovely ideas you have. Thank you so much for sharing them at the Create - Share - Inspire Link party. We would love to see you back again tonight.

Designing Vibes

Thursday 14th of January 2016

Thanks so much, Emily! I plan on linking up tonight.

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