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DIY Grey and Gold Abstract Art Tutorial

DIY Grey and Gold Abstract Art Tutorial

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As you all may be able to infer by now, I am really not a “cutesy” crafts type of gal. At this point in my life, I just don’t have the time to “craft” for the sake of “crafting”.  If I am going to take time out of my hectic world to create something, I want it to serve some sort of clear intent or purpose either in the function of my home, or the overall decor scheme.

And while there are a million other tasks I need to check off of my “to-do” list before baby number 2 arrives in a month, as a creative individual, you should never deny the urge when inspiration strikes. You see…I recently discovered Mark Rothko paintings through a sweet blogger buddy of mine, and have been swooning over them ever since. I have also been looking for some art work to fill an awkward space in my home, but have not been quite successful in the shopping front.

diy abstract art in gold and gray

And since Homegoods and local retailers could not give a girl what she needed, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I stumbled upon a vignette done by an interior designer for a multi-million dollar ocean front property, and decided to “rip-off” the art used in their luxe design. I would love to share the inspiration pieces, but cannot remember where I found the pictures.

While my version did not turn out exactly like theirs, I am proud to say my husband asked if I had been to Homegoods, when he saw my new art up in the living room. Let me give you an idea of how to get this look.

diy abstract art framed

Materials Needed:

  • Metallic Craft or Acrylic Paint in “classic gold”
  • Dark Grey Craft Paint or Acryllic Paint (I used “Deco-Art” brand in the color “Steel Grey”
  • sample size of Benjamin Moore “Rocky Mountain Sky”
  • I also used sample size of  Benjamin Moore “Revere Pewter” but this is not entirely necessary as I covered it up with “Rocky Mountain Sky”
  • wide-ish paint brush
  • smaller. skinny-ish paint brush
  • 2 sheets Canvas Paper cut to 16×20
  • 2 16×20 frames
  • 2 frame mats with an opening of 11×14 but overall measurement for a 16×20 frame
  1. First I established the basic composition of the paintings. I plotted the gist of the painting out with the gold craft paint. I sat the frame mats over the canvas paper to get an idea of desired spacing. I applied the gold craft paint very heavily as I knew I was going to layer the grey paint over it.
    Painting #1
    diy-abstract-art-6Painting #2:
  2.  Once you have established the basic composition of the painting with the gold paint, let it dry. After the gold paint is dry, apply your lighter grey paint using your wider paint brush. I first used “revere pewter” as my lighter grey, but decided it was not “grey” enough so I used the “Rocky Mountain Sky” over the Revere Pewter.  Be sure not to apply the light grey as heavily as the gold paint as you do not want to cover up the gold paint. For the lighter grey paint, I used upward motion strokes. Variation in strokes is what adds interest to a piece, so have some fun and experiment with paint application.  If you don’t like it, simply paint over it.
  3.  Now it is time to apply your darker shade of grey. For the darker shade I used “Steel Grey” craft paint by Deco Art.  I applied the darker paint with a skinnier paint brush and used heavier,  lateral strokes. Be sure not to cover all of the gold layer.
  4. Before placing in frame, let dry for a few hours.You may notice that my paper looks a little wrinkled. This is because I am a cheapskate and did not use the proper medium…..instead of canvas paper designed for paint, I used some drawing paper I had lying around….this is not recommended.Luckily from afar, you don’t really notice the wrinkled abstract art in gold and grayI think the key to pulling off this look, is to use nice, matted frames. Without the elegance of the gold, matted frames, this project would have more of a amateur effect.  I found these gold frames at Hobby Lobby for $15 a piece.

    I love to “sneak” little DIY creations into my home decor among higher investment pieces……if you want to maintain a “high-end” vibe, it is vital to use your DIY art sparingly.  As long as you have established a collection of larger, purchased art, you can sprinkle some of your own art into the scheme without compromising the integrity of your home decor.

Hope this inrpired some of you to get in touch with your inner “Rothko”. Now get out there and design some good vibes!

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grey diy abstract art tutorial


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