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DIY Chalkboard Top Toddler Desk

DIY Chalkboard Top Toddler Desk

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As I embark on the last month of my pregnancy, I sadly realize that last burst of “nesting” energy has completely eluded me… I am utterly drained, worthless, huge and counting down the days until I can consume a strong margarita on the rocks! Actually, I have already instructed my husband to smuggle tequila, salt and margarita mix into the delivery room.( I have craved margaritas the entire pregnancy).

As a result of the new baby craziness, my blog is going to be winding down for a little bit. Not to fear, after I adjust to life with  baby #2 , I will resume all of the projects on our to-do list, and I hope you will bear with me until then.  While I still have a few more posts lined up before the big deliver day, I wanted to share this super easy DIY toddler desk makeover.

**For your convenience, this post contains affiliate links to the products used in this tutorial. Check out my disclaimer page here. **

diy toddler desk with chalkboard paint

I had been wanting to create an “arts and crafts”  space for my two-year-old son for quite some time. So, when I saw this toddler-sized desk with matching chairs at a local antique shop for $30, I could not resist.



While the set was in fantastic shape, I was not digging the color. So I first decided to paint it with some milk paint I already had on hand. The milk paint is General Finishes Driftwood .

The awesome part about this paint is that it requires no prep whatsoever. I applied the paint directly to the surface as is, and because I wanted a bit of a distressed effect, I only did one coat.

rustic tribal nursery

It sat like this for quite some time, until I finally got the discipline to apply some chalkboard paint to the top of the desk. I wanted to give the piece more of a playful, creative flare.

For the chalkboard paint, I used Rust-Oleum Chalkboard Brush-On Paint in Black. Before applying the chalkboard paint I lightly sanded the top of the desk and used a foam craft brush for paint application.

After about 3 coats, I was finished! I was careful to not use the surface for about 3 days as I wanted to be sure the chalkboard finish had cured.

toddler desk diy

I love how the chalkboard surface adds an element of fun, function. Even better, the project was incredibly easy and cheap. I think it looks great in the new nursery which you can check out here.

rustic nursery for boy

Next on the “to-do before baby’s arrival” is to finish our mudroom-office. I am currently in the process of choosing a paint color and hope to reveal the room within the next week or so.

Until then,  get out there and design some good vibes! Be sure to share the love and “Pin”!

chalkboard top toddler desk DIY




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