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Designing Romantic Vibes in the Bedroom

Designing Romantic Vibes in the Bedroom

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Today I am talking about romance in the bedroom…bow chicka wow wow. But seriously… get your mind out of the gutter, because I am referring to design.

neutral elegant bedroom

Please overlook all the wrinkles in the sheets…ain’t nobody got time to iron their sheets(unless your are wealthy enough to have maids).You should feel honored that I even made the bed for you.

While my bedroom still needs a lot of work, I wanted to share with you what I have done so far.  Here is what the room looked like when we first moved in.

master bedroom makeoverAnd here is what it looks like after adding drapes, furniture and decor. The transformation did not require any painting or remodeling, just some simple decor and vision.

turquoise and grey bedroom

grey neutral bedroom


gray and turquoise bedroom

neutral elegant bedroom



It is so easy to overlook your bedroom. After all, you and your partner are probably the only ones who see it. Am I right?

master 10-30-5-watermark


But your surroundings can affect your mood. Don’t you want your room to be your haven- away from the rest of the stressful world?

grey neutral bedroom

grey elegant bedroom


That is why, I tried my best to design romantic vibes in the bedroom. Most of my house has more of a simple and modern feel, but I really wanted the bedroom to feel a bit more feminine and “fancy”.

grey and turquoise bedroom

makeup vanity


vanity decor

The main living spaces all have light and flowy window treatments, but in the bedrooms I went with silk, gray blackout drapes not only because I thought they evoked a bit of romance, but because we have so much natural light in our bedroom…. I wanted to be able to darken the room for lazy Sundays (sleeping in and watching movies in bed).

grey bedroom with mirrored furniture

elegant and chic bedroom

I also have a love for Hollywood Regency pieces. I established some of that feel with my mirrored furniture and tufted headboard.

elegant and simple bedroom

mirrored furniture in bedroom

But to keep the vibe calming and not overly stimulating, I stuck with neutral colors and simple patterns.

grey and blue bedroom


Eventually, I would like to paint the walls…but I have so many other home improvement projects going on, that I can live with this color for now.

I must say, for all of you wanting to start a family, this design has been quite conducive to baby-making (considering I have spent the past 2 years of my life knocked up).

Below is a source list of all the products I used in this space.

Now get out there and design some ” bow chicka wow wow” vibes in your bedroom.

Source List:

  • Tufted Headboard – Rooms to Go
  • Mirrored side table- Kirklands
  • Sunburst mirror- Homegoods
  • Duvet Cover-
  • Quilt- Homegoods
  • Lamps- Homegoods
  • Silk Drapes- Target
  • Area Rug- Target
  • Blown Glass Vase- Hobby Lobby
  • Studded Accent Chair- DIY Antique Flip (read the tutorial here)
  • Silver Throw Pillows- Marshalls
  • Blue Throw Pillows- Target
  • Grey Bed Skirt- Bed, Bath and Beyond
  • Grey Sheets- Bed, Bath and Beyond
  • Canvas Art Work- a diy by yours truly
  • Fur Throw Blanket- Homegoods
  • Picture Frame- Home Goods
  • Basket- Target
  • Chest of Drawers- Rooms to Go
  • Chandelier- Lowes

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