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About Me – Ramblings

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If you thought my boilerplate bio fell a little flat in the personality department, let me ramble on about myself some more.

erica van slyke designing vibes

If you are looking for Martha Stewart perfection, this probably is not your site…I believe life is too short to sweat the small stuff. This is a philosophy I must constantly remind myself of.

I hate to cook, I am not the best entertainer and have yet to master the perfect tablescape.

I refuse to polish my Southern accent, and I am not your typical Southern Belle. I curse, I drink and have always felt more like one of the guys.

designing vibes interior design

I believe rules are meant to be broken and variety is the spice of life. You are telling me I can’t mix mirrored, Deco furniture with reclaimed wood? I’ll show you.

Travel, design, music and dance feed my soul. I will always be a weird art school kid at heart.

designing vibes blog

I was raised on a farm and hope to one day move to the country and raise my boys on the farm as well. Although, my ideal home would not be a farmhouse, but a contemporary one level home with an excessive amount of windows. A bit of a dichotomy, huh?

I am a crazy contradiction. I love glam decor, but I love rustic accents. I love gangsta rap, but I also love Bossa Nova jazz. My friend once described me as “a hippie who gets Botox“…the ultimate paradox.

designing vibes erica van slyke interior design

I think interior design is a powerful art form that can create vibes and transform the human physche.

I was a bit of a wild child until I started a family of my own. Many say your home is your haven, and I say that is only half true. The people who inhabit your home are your true refuge. I would be lost without my spirituality, husband and boys.

designing vibes interior design

I believe anyone can regurgitate the designs they have seen in a magazine, but true talent is putting a piece of yourself and character into each room you design. Dare to be you…not some washed down version of a Pottery Barn catalog.

Don’t get me wrong…I love Pottery Barn but I love to infuse many other forms of art and styling into my designs. Your home should reflect your lifestyle and personality.

designing vibes blog interior design

I love the culture and diversity of a big city, but my heart belongs to the charm of a sweet, southern town in East Tennessee.

I am the type of girl who would rather buy an original work of art than a pair of Louboutin’s- not that I can really afford either.

There is the right way to do things and then there is the “Erica” way.

I believe hair can never be too big and spray paint can fix about anything.

interior design blogger

I love so many genres and styles, I sometimes get lost in all of the possibilities.

I hate choosing paint colors…too much of a commitment.

I am obsessed with turquoise, fringe and feather jewelry-must be my Native American roots.

I spend all of my money at Home Goods, but am trying to learn how to thrift.

I feel weird being so candid out in the big, bad world of blogging, but hope to get more comfortable with you and myself as I continue on this journey.


I hope you will follow along with me as I pursue my true passion for interior design.

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The world can be so cold at times, but I try my best to be a warm ray of light. I like to design good vibes wherever I go, and you can too!

Sharing is caring!