DIY Centerpiece Using Upcycled Thrift Swag

February 21, 2017

cheap diy table centerpiece

Today I wanted to share a simple and cheap centerpiece tutorial. Given the weekend I had,  I was definitely in the mood for cheap and easy.

You see, this weekend was quite the  shit show. In the midst of a mudroom remodel and  complete deck and fence demo/build ( a $30,000 surprise),  we found out our pool has rusted through …basically beyond repair because the genius who installed it back-filled it with dirt and left metal debris against the walls of the pool.  We had no clue of the dire situation of our pool until the deck was completely torn down and our contractor was doing dirt work. So, on top of a $30,000 deck rebuild, we also get to purchase a new pool (and pay to have the existing one removed and excavated).

cheap diy table centerpiece

Seeking  solace from my children and the nightmare of our fixer upper fiasco (and because it was a little too early for tequila),  I headed to the thrift store. There, I had an epiphany. Among my many purchases (cheap retail therapy), I bought three vases in various sizes and shapes. I thought the variation would make for an interesting centerpiece. I was going for a fresh, coastal-modern vibe.
cheap diy table centerpiece

Just one problem, the vases were tacky as all get out in their original form as pictured below……


cheap diy centerpiece vase makeover

diy upcycled vase

For your convenience, I have included some affiliate links. That simply means if you click on one of the links and buy something, I receive a small commission, but don’t worry… you won’t pay a dime more.


  • three cheap thrift vases of varying size and shape
  • 2 cans spray paint (here is the kind i used)
  • cheap thrift tray


But as I have mentioned, I have this tendency to spray paint everything. One of my philosophies is that a can of spray paint can fix about anything (if only it could fix my pool and deck).

So, to transform these babies, I used two cans of white spray paint (here is the kind i used) . Just be sure to do very light and even coats because glossy spray paint is not very forgiving.

cheap diy table centerpiece for $10

While thrifting, I also came across this little tray for $5. I like how it brings all of the elements together…giving the sense of cohesive tidiness. Of course, you could do without the tray.

diy centerpiece ideas cheap

How is that for a cheap, DIY centerpiece with a modern, coastal vibe? For special occasions,  I think pink peonies would look incredible in each of these vases.

Given our recent fixer upper crisis, I think I will be thrifting much more. My husband and I have made peace with the fact that we will never get ahead financially. That’s ok….at least we have our health and our booze.

Here is our current backyard situation and existing pool being excavated. Basically, every homeowner’s effing nightmare…

Now get out there and design some good vibes.

Be sure to spread the love and Pin……

diy cheap centerpiece idea

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    1. Oh no! I feel so bad for your pool situation. What rotten luck. I’m sure the new pool and backyard will be AMAZING though, after you put your design touches on it. Best wishes!


    1. The spray painting vases is such a great idea–I want to try that. What kind of beautiful leaves are in the vases?????

    1. Ugh, I hate to hear about your pool/deck fiasco. True bummer…and I know that’s an understatement. But… I do love your vases and like you, spray paint can fix just about everything. Love the grouping with those leaves!

      Stock up on your tequila and carry on!


      1. haha. Thank you so much, Lynn. I will be so happy when i make it through to the other side(with lots of help from booze).

    1. Oh what a nightmare outside, but you handled it so well 🙂 I love retail therapy at the thrift store, and you created something beautiful with your finds.

    1. simple,easy, and classic! I am so happy we did not buy a house with a pool. That looks like a nightmare!!!!

    1. Wow your outside situation is just terrible!! Here’s hoping that it all improves for you!!

      I love your centerpiece!! Simple but a jaw dropper!

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