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boho chic summer decor

Summer Eclectic Home Tour

I've said it before and I will say it again- I am not much of a seasonal decorator.  With my obsessive tendencies, particularly as it relates to my own home,  I tend to have a hard time getting it just the way I want it and when I finally do achieve a desirable balance, I am not all that  eager to tamper with the mix  as it  could very well could set me off on an unnecessary shopping spree-sort of a domino…

diy cow skull sculpture

DIY Cow Skull Sculpture for $10

Hope all of you fabulous mamas out there had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend. Today, I am going to show you how to make a faux cow (or technically steer) skull sculpture for just $10.   For the past few years, it seems taxidermy has been a popular accent in almost every genre of decor : Scandinavian, farmhouse, modern-rustic and bohemian aesthetics alike have all embraced this trend. As many of my DIY stories begin, I was browsing the isles of…

boho rugs under $100

Affordable Boho Rugs for $100

For the past few months, I have been on a vintage rug hunt of sorts. You see, I have fallen hard for kilim and vintage inspired rugs...the types often included in  boho chic design schemes. Not only are they a great way to add a worldly and eclectic interest to a space, but most designs are also great at hiding dirt ( awesome if you have pets or kiddos). In my quest for the perfect yet affordable boho rug, I have…

designing vibes spring home tour boho chic decor

Bohemian Spring Home Tour 2017

Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and I am sneezing my head off...doped up on anti-histamines. Spring has definitely made its presence down here in Tennessee. And while I am not much of a seasonal decorator, I could not refuse to collaborate with some incredibly talented bloggers in the Hello Spring Home Tour hosted by my friend Carrie of Lovely Etc. In fact, you can check out all of the spring festiveness  at the bottom of the post (these bloggers' tours…

diy no sew woven wall hanging under $10

No Sew Wall Hanging Under $10 – DIY

At times, I must admit that my inability to sew makes me feel like a DIY phony. But when I find short-cuts (ways to avoid sewing), I can't help but get a little I am somehow cheating the system. Today I feel like a real damn rebel, because I am going to show you how I made this woven wall hanging without sewing. What is even better...I made it for under $10 (take that Urban Outfitters). For your convenience, I…

no-sew diy fabric planter

No-Sew Fabric Shibori Planter DIY

You know that term crazy cat lady? Well, I think I am becoming the crazy indoor plant lady.Today, I am sharing a super cheap and easy way to beautify ugly, plastic pots sewing or skill required. It started out innocently enough. My husband was at the hardware store (or as my three-year-old refers to as the Hogware store). He called  to ask if there was anything I needed. My husband is certainly well-trained, because I always have some obscure request. This time,…