My Rustic Glam Christmas Tree

December 10, 2015

my home style rustic glam christmas tree

Hey ya’ll! I am back to share with you another holiday-inspired post.

I am honored to be joining the “My Home Style: Christmas Tree Edition” blog hop hosted by Casa Watkins. If you are joining me from Vintage Romance Style, I would like to extend a warm welcome to you.

neutral modern Christmas

When decorating my home for the holidays, I prefer to incorporate my year-round decor into my theme. I would describe my style as rustic with pops of coastal elements all while trying to exude an underlying vibe of sophistication. I classify my Christmas decor as “rustic-glam”.



My personal tastes tend to be a contradiction of sorts, so why would my decor not reflect this? Rustic Glam is the ultimate paradox…a juxtaposition of earthy, rustic elements with pops of glowing glam.

neutral Christmas tree

This year I would have loved a real tree, but given my first holiday home tour was due in November, I had to go with the longest-lasting option (I did not want my tree looking like Charlie Brown’s once Christmas rolled around). And so, a faux Christmas tree it was .

christmas tree elements-2


I started by “filling out” my el cheapo tree with faux pine sprigs I purchased for $1 a piece at Hobby Lobby. To add some glam, I also added these metallic berry twigs which I also bought from Hobby Lobby.


christmas tree elements-6

Continuing with the “rustic glam” theme, I then added large silver ball ornaments along with gold disco ball ornaments. I have had these ornaments for years now.

christmas tree -11

Because I have a toddler in the house, all ornaments must be shatter-proof. I learned this the hard way after hanging some mercury glass ornaments. Within 5 minutes, two of the ornaments were shattered….my son thought they were actual balls. Away went the antque glass ornaments and out came my cheap, Big Lots “balls”.


And please don’t judge the protruding light wires. A little side story…my pre-lit tree lights decided to stop working a few days after I decorated my tree. Being pregnant and lazy, I simply added string lights over the existing ornaments. Ain’t nobody got time to take down all of the ornaments and start from scratch.

To add some rustic touches, I incorporated pine cone ornaments into the mix.

christmas tree elements-4

And to top the tree, I added this sun burst mirror I bought from Burlington for less than $5. It was actually wall decor, but after seeing a similar piece used as an ornament in Ballard Design’s, I was inspired.

rustic glam christmas tree



Oh…and I completely forgot about my ribbon. I have had it for years, but it was purchased at Hobby Lobby. It resembles burlap, but it is actually made of a shiny mesh material…perfect for my rustic glam vibe.

neutral christmas decor

Hopefully next year I can get a “real” tree. Until then, I am going to burn a frasier fir scented candle and go cozy by the fire. And if you havent checked out my full Christmas home tour, be sure to click here.


If you are following the blog hop, Little Red Brick House is next!

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    1. Hey, Erica! The tree looks fab, and I was cracking up about your lights. You’ve done a gorgeous job and the tree topper is my favorite! Our live tree is hanging in there, so I’ll let you know if it’s doable to have a live tree and do blog tours in a couple of weeks.

    1. Filling it in with faux pine? Get out. Why didn’t I think of this! It looks amazing and I don’t blame you for just adding more lights. The mirror on the top is brilliant! Love it.

    1. Beautiful tree and beautiful room! The details are perfection. Sympathizing with your pre-lit tree. After only three years, the top section of ours went out this year. Yes… after it was decorated! It’s still dark…

      1. haha! Glad to know I am not the only one, Shelley. Yes, I believe we have only had ours for 3 years as well. Thank you so much for the kind words!

    1. It is stunning Erica!! I love it – such a fabulous combination of sparkle and natural elements!! Pinned and sharing!

    1. Erica it is such a beautiful tree. And you are not lazy. Being pregnant is a full time job in itself, at least that’s how it felt to me, lugging all that weight around. I love that mesh ribbon, it adds so much warmth to the tree, and the mirror is out of this world!! You have done an amazing job with the tree and your home.

    1. Your tree is beautiful! I love that mirror tree topper – such a smart idea! I can never seem to find a tree topper I love. I think next year I need to get creative!

    1. I love how your filled in your tree with twigs and berries. I was always feel like my tree has too many “holes”. Totally did not notice the light chords in your gorgeous tree. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Merry Christmas!

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