birthday brunch for 2 year old

Impromtu Birthday Brunch – My Son’s Second Birthday

Hope all of you had an amazing Christmas. Our long, holiday weekend not only involved travel for Christmas, we also celebrated our son's 2nd birthday once we got back in town. In an impromptu effort,  I decided to throw a simple, brunch party with immediate family. About a month ago, I decided that we were not going to throw a birthday party for my son. You see, his birthday is two days after Christmas.  I know this sounds horrible, but between…

how to wrap christmas presents

How I Wrap Christmas Presents

With the recent loss of my Grandmother, this Christmas is going to be a tough one. Actually, I cannot imagine Christmas without her, but I guess I will have to power through this year. Grandmother was always the life of any family gathering. Vibrant and funny as hell. I can see her with big teased hair, dressed in all black, holding a glass of cheap Champagne( looking like Elizabeth Taylor )and always saying something wildly inappropriate. Like the time she…

rain on a tin roof interview

Q & A with Jenna from Rain on a Tin Roof

When I got the opportunity to have a little Q& A session with rockstar, blogger Jenna LaFevor from the mega-blog Rain on a Tin Roof, I was overcome with excitement. You see, she is my blogging idol. Not only is she a mastermind at mixing various genres of decor to form a style that is truly her own, she is also a damn good storyteller. After spending only a few minutes on her blog, you will feel like you know her. When I…

why i sold my new construction for a fixer upper

Why I Sold My New Construction For a Fixer Upper

Two years after marrying my husband, we decided to purchase our very first home. The home had everything we were looking for: Cottage Style Design and New Construction... Beautiful trim work , old home character and hardwood floors... Granite countertops with white cabinets... A spa-like master bathroom...   A formal dining room... And it truly felt like felt like "us". It had good vibes. As soon as I unpacked our last box, I began to decorate. I went crazy-…