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cone pendant light diy

DIY Cone Pendant Lights

I am super stoked to be sharing these DIY cone pendants with you guys today. Not only were they super easy to make, I was able to purchase the materials for only $50 per pendant. In the world of interior design, cone pendants are definitely all the rage right now. I keep seeing the light fixtures used by all of  my favorite interior designers, but I was having no luck finding any within my meager budget. In fact, the cheapest I…

Beginner’s Guide to Buying a Fixer Upper: Surpising Lessons Learned

For those of you familiar with my blog, you probably know the foundation of this site originates from me selling my new construction home for a fixer upper ( you newbies can read why here). Much of the content I produce on my blog generates from my experiences transforming my outdated 1980's home through DIY projects and interior design. And while I may make the experience look like rainbows, butterflies and the stuff that dreams are made of, I need to be honest.....we…

foyer gallery wall

Beginner’s Guide: Gallery Wall on a Budget

For the longest time, I have wanted to display a gallery wall in the hallway of my home. I love the idea of displaying a little piece of my family's story for all of our guests to see. Unfortunately, I knew the cost of frames and prints would add up quickly,  considering a single frame can cost up to $50. Not to mention, the thought of a project requiring so many measurements and precision overwhelmed me. Well folks, I finally…

easy indigo art diy

Indigo Abstract Art DIY

So I know it's October and I should be gracing you with fall inspiration posts and Halloween crafts, but I have to keep it real.... Ya'll know I am not much of a "crafter". It is still hot as Hades here in the dirty south, and  I am just not feeling the fall spirit. Not to be completely useless though, I do have an easy little DIY for you today. It seems anytime I go shopping for a specific item of…

designing vibes summer tour

Summer Home Tour

So I know I am a little late in the game, but I wanted to share a mini-summer home tour with you guys today. Better late than never, right? As you all know, I love coastal, contemporary decor. Consequently, summer is typically my favorite decor season.   To my dismay, I recently had to replace my beloved white Ikea Ektorp slipcover with a darker and more stain resistant Nordvalla gray. While I preferred the white, my boys destroyed the white to…

how to paint grout

How to Paint Over Dingy Grout – DIY Gray Grout

If I ever took the time to devise an inventory of worst home decor ideas ever, I think white floor grout would be close to the top of that list (along with wallpaper and popcorn ceilings). While I love the look of dark gray tiles with contrasting white grout, I know it is a mistake waiting to happen between my dogs, kids and loathing of mops. When I completed the initial walk- through of my fixer upper before purchasing it,…

patio furniture makeover with spray paint
dark gray office

Office-Mudroom Progress: “Moffice”

This weekend, my husband and I were able to make some progress on the "moffice", otherwise known as a multi-functional space that serves as a mudroom and office. My husband and I are quite the team. When we tackle home improvement projects, we alternate between watching our crazy two year old son and actually executing the given project. So, this weekend I watched our son, while my husband painted the walls in Sherwin Williams "Gray Matters". By the next day,…

rustic, tribal nursery for boy